Dan Yankunas

Known as a teacher of the Word, Pastor Dan is a detail oriented minister of the Gospel.  He uses original language translations to clarify Scripture, yet keeps it interesting to draw his listeners into the depths of the study at hand.  Pastor Dan has been an ordained minister since 1984 and is one of the founders of Solid Rock Church.  He and his wife Ann, and son Austin live in Stillwater.  Dan is also a certified tennis professional.  Prior to Pastoring, he was a pro in Milwaukee, WI.

John Yankunas

Co-Pastor/Music Minister

Pastor John is an anointed and talented singer/minister and he leads the Solid Rock Praise Band.  He too is a founder of Solid Rock Church and has been ordained since 1984.  His ministry gift of communicating the Word with humorous analogies is readily received as he is also the IMPACT Youth minister at SRC.  Pastor John is a lead worshipper.  The Lord uses him mightily as he leads the church into His Presence.  He and his wife Pam, and daughter Brianna live in Stillwater

Pam Yankunas

Children's Church - Program Coordinator

Dr. Marvin Smith

Helps Ministry

Jere Bilodeau

Solid Connections

Over 40 years, in obedience to the reality of God’s Word (Isaiah 58 & Matthew 24:34-40), letting it radiate the truest light of God’s love, Jere organizes and administrates human need programs.  Since the early 70’s, she was a central part of Action Inc.’s  food, shelter, and clothing assistance, Mission of Hope Homeless Shelter, The Christmas Store, as well as the volunteer health clinics operating in Stillwater, Cushing, Guthrie, and across the state of Oklahoma.  Additionally, Jere administered a Christ based substance abuse recovery program for over 10 years. Today she continues to use her experience to counsel the Church to demonstrate God’s Loving Hands and Feet in service to the Body of Christ.